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Free NZ Shipping with purchase over $75(NZ$)
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About Us

Doll Face NZ is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Manufactured in Lower Hutt NZ, it has grown from humble beginnings to gaining EU distribution certification and has award winning beauty products. All our products are hypoallergenic, mineral based, non-comedogenic and contains no 'nasties' from our Makeup lines through to our skincare. Not tested on Animals! 

Doll Face is designed to be salon quality, yet user friendly, combining years of beauty experience with the awareness of cutting edge trends that make Doll Face a front-runner in New Zealand's mineral cosmetic scene.

DOLL FACE BEAUTY HUB is the largest beauty destination in Lower Hutt.  We offer the full range of Doll Face NZ and also home to the best Nails and Tans in the valley.  To have a look at our work and to make a booking online, check out the Beauty Hub website  or FB/Insta pages.