Who is Debbie and why did she start Doll Face?

Who is Debbie and why did she start Doll Face?

Hi Everyone, Debbie here! I want t take the time to introduce myself and "why" I created Doll Face Makeup and what DF is all about.

I have been in the beauty industry since 1997. Beauty is and always will be my passion. I LOVE the way it makes people feel on the inside. It's not about being pretty or what others perceive as "pretty", but the inside feeling you get from the end result. And to be able to give that feeling to others is what I love about my job.

Skip a few years and I had three children under 4. Busy life! My daughter who is the eldest loved to play with my makeup (as I did at her age!). As I was watching her my heart then sunk. What was she actually smearing all over her young skin? What was in that lipstick she was getting in her mouth rather than on her lips? I felt icky on the inside. At this time "Minerals" was the new buzz word of the makeup industry. So on my Dial-up internet connection I set to work and researched the good bad and ugly of the cosmetic ingredient world. It was not good.

At the same time, my husband also suggested that I do Makeup Artistry on the weekends to be able to get back to doing my own thing. So my research on ingredients also shifted to makeup tutorials to upskill myself. This led me to an Indie makeup brand in US and I was hooked!

From there I spent hours and hours researching products, ingredients and cosmetic formulating. This started as a hobby and I created exactly what I wanted. A product that had no awful ingredients (I will dive into those on another post). That meant my daughter could go mad with makeup and I knew it was not going to harm her.

Doll Face NZ grew from there and 11 years later I am wanting to reinvent the way we use makeup. So watch this space!

Doll Face NZ Values

So in a nutshell, Doll Face NZ is a local company, that 80% of the products are still made in Lower Hutt! We value ourselves on quality products that you will LOVE to wear. We do not test on animals and currently the only animal product we use is Beeswax in a few products.

Doll Face is the perfect choice if you are time poor in the mornings, want makeup that is quick, easy and fail proof to apply and is affordable!

THANK YOU to everyone on this email list. It means you are either a customer or like the look of the Doll Face products.

Attached is a quick survey so I can get to know what YOUR wants and needs are when it comes to makeup. After all, "We make Makeup for people who love to wear it"! Help us to make the right products! As a Thank You, the survey will have a code for 40% OFF the DF range online. And every purchase will receive a FREE gift with purchase. (Excludes sale and skin care items)

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