Power of Mineral Foundation

Power of Mineral Foundation

Let's talk Foundation!  

Foundation is the most widely used makeup product in the world.  Foundation can come in many different formulations.  Including, Creme, Powder, Liquid, Mouse, Stick, Foam to name a few.  The type you choose may depend on coverage and your skin type.

Most dry skin types will prefer to use a Creme or liquid as these can hold more oil content than a Foam, Mouse or Powder.

In this post I want to clear some of the negative thought on what people "think" a Powder Foundation is actually like and the difference between different brands of Powder Foundations.  Powder Foundation is DFNZ top selling product and is 100% formulated and made in the Doll face headquarters.  So lets share why it is so popular.

Most Powder Foundations are "Mineral and Natural" based.  Do not be conned!  Did you know a common "filler" (A bulking powder with no real purpose other than bulk it up) is Bismuth Oxychloride (B.O).  This is in lots of makeup products and while most people will never react, a lot do.  If you ever get an itchy or hot feeling on your skin, check for Bismuth Oxychloride in the ingredients list.  It is a known skin irritant and can cause reactions.  DF do NOT use Bismuth Oxychloride in ANY of our products, ever.... B.O is classed as a Natural Mineral.  But not a great choice for your skin.

DF use 8 base powders.  Most other brands will use 3.  Why do we use more?  We add in the extra High End Raw powders to give the final product a more silky, creamy feeling when applied.  Without these extra powders, the foundation can feel very heavy and chalky with less blendability and adhesion.  When applied, DFNZ Powder Foundation feel soft and almost "melts" on the skin.  After about an hour your natural skin oils will combine with the powders.  Over the day your foundation looks better and better.

With the extra lighter powders this give the formulation an overall lighter weight.  You may notice that DFNZ jars will hold 6 grams of product.  Other brands may hold 10-20 grams of product.  This comes down to the heaviness of the base powders.  So the more grams in the pot doesn't always mean more product!  It means less light, high end powders.

Coverage?  DFNZ Powder is buildable.  So you can wear it your way.  Just pick up less powder with your Kabuki Brush.  For more coverage, add more powder to your brush or apply over wear you need more.  You can keep adding in extra areas without looking patchy.

"What if my skin is dry?"  If you have a dry skin we recommend you use a rich moisturizer or facial oil first.  Let your skin sit for at least 15 mins after applying moisturizer before using your powder foundation.  Or you can also try the DFNZ Face Primer for a flawless, all day wear.  

All in all we 100% recommend you pop in and get a Doll Face team member to show you exactly how amazing our powders are!  

If you use and love our Powder Foundation, feel free to leave a product review!


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