Makeup is a Feeling

Makeup is a Feeling

After some deep soul searching and reconnecting with my business I have discovered a passion and my "why".  


An inner feeling you get when you know you look good.  Power.  Confidence.  Beautiful.  

I am on a mission to help people (men and women) to be able to feel confident in themselves through makeup.  Some see makeup as Vain, or hiding themselves.  Not true.  It is the same feeling you get when you buy a new outfit or have your hair done.  I want to show people that makeup can be quick and easy to apply weather you have 2 minutes or an hour.  Social media has a lot to answer for when it comes to makeup.  We have all scrolled past and seen the technical "tutorials" that immediately make us feel that there is no way we hae time, or the skills to be able to pull that off.  And what products do you even buy? 

So I am pushing myself out of my own comfort zone and going to be filming makeup videos (I'm not calling them tutorials) of how I put makeup on and what works for me, as a 43 year old busy mum and business owner.  No filters, minimum editing (because I don't know how to get fancy with my videoing) .  Just real makeup for real busy people!  This is a real fear of mine, to be in front of the camera.  So here it goes!

Quick, Easy and Fail Proof makeup!  Here is my first video.  


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