Do your Brows need some loving?

Do your Brows need some loving?

This month at Doll Face we are featuring the Eye Brow. 

Brows can make a person look entirely different!  Brows can be your statement but many of us are unhappy with the way our brows look. Whether it is from over plucking in younger years, the shape or colour.  But we can now fix all of those problems.

We have put together two Brow Bundle packs to help with those brow issues.  And if you are lucky enough to live in Wellington, Doll Face Beauty Hub is offering brow services such as Threading, Tinting and Brow Laminations.  You will also get one on one help with applying your brow products.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for video tutorials for converting your brows into statement pieces using the Doll Face NZ products.  These will be uploaded as the month goes by.  Alternatively follow us on our Beauty Hub socials FaceBook or Instagram  for up to date content.


Which of the following are your brows?

Brow shapes

If you are wishing your brows look like a pair in the image, give us a call to book in for your brow transformation! Doll Face Beauty Hub - 04 5866092.  The main picture is of my brows after a Brow Lamination.  Amazing isn't it!  Follow our socials to know more!

If you are not in Wellington we will be doing tutorials on our social media and YouTube channels.  In the meantime, here are our brow bundles to save you money this month.


THE BROW BUNDLE - This includes a Doll Face NZ Brow Wax (Pomade) in your choice of colour and the must have Liner Brush.  This brush is loved by makeup artists all over New Zealand.  If you are unsure of your Brow Wax shade, please get in touch and we can guide you.  Th Brow Bundle will save you $19.00.

THE ULTIMATE BROW BUNDLE - The same amazing Brow Wax and Brush but also added in the Ultimate Brow Bundle is the Brow Fix.  A clear mascara to keep your brows in place all day!  Groom them the way you want them!  Once again, we are here to help is you have any questions.


Happy Brow Transformations!


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