Blush is Back!

Blush is Back!


Blush may of slipped out of trend in the last few years, but now it is making a big come back.  So if you need an update on your makeup bag, make sure it includes Blush!  While the trend may be the 80's blush look, not all of us can or want to pull that look this spring.  There are many subtle ways you can wear blush this season, and of course in many shades.  We at Doll Face have also jumped on this trend and have just reformulated our Blush range to be even more amazing than before.

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Doll Face NZ Blush has just had a refresh!

DFNZ Blush offers a sheer wash of colour which adds a beautiful healthy glow to your skin.  Available in 5 shades, the Doll Face Blush collection has a shade to suit all complexions.  All DFNZ Blush, Bronzer and Hi-Lighters are made in Lower Hutt from high quality, skin safe ingredients.


But what shade will suit me?
We can definitely help you with that!  Our Blush are made to suit most skin tones,
below is a guide to help you choose which Doll Face Blush shades will work best for you.

Did you know......

Cleopatra originally use to pinch the apples of her cheeks to give a rosey red tone. A flush of the cheeks was seen to be a sign of youth and freshness as well as a sign of sensuality and fertility. 
The Ancient Egyptians were probably one of the first groups in History to adopt the use of blush into their beauty regimes.  Blush was used by both men and women.  Fat would be mixed with ground ochre, crushed berries or blood from the cochineal beetle (Carmine) to add a pop of red to cheeks.

Just like fashion today, the middle ages saw blush fall out of favour, as workers who spent their days out in the sunshine tending to fields and ladies of the night were perceived to have red cheeks. The connotations of flushed cheeks were so unpopular that leeches were even used to remove blood from the face, whilst egg whites were used to lighten the skin.

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