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Being a Mum and the struggles

With Mother's Day approaching it's a good time reflect back on our journeys.  Being a Mum is the hardest and most rewarding job ever.  And by saying "hardest" I don't mean physically.  It mentally drains you.  It mentally fulfills you.  I was lucky to be able to be a stay at home Mum for 9 years.  But it took its toll on me mentally.  Looking back would I do things different?  Yes.  But that is hindsight for you.  I thought I knew best at the time. 

Thats where Doll Face came into it for me.  It was a way to make my life disappear.  Learn something and do something for ME.  But I took it to the extreme.  Having never fully coming to terms with the sudden loss of my father a few years earlier, and having 3 little kiddies, I threw myself into learning and creating makeup.  I have now learnt that MAKEUP WAS FOR ME.  There was no ME left anymore and this was a way to get it back.  Had I of known the mentally hard times ahead, I think I would of listened to others more.  Allowed myself to take time out and not feel guilty for it. 

Makeup may mean many different things for everyone.  But one common thing that makeup is for everyone, it is for YOU.  Whether that means it's the YOU time you take to apply it, YOUR skincare routine at the end of the day to remove it, the confidence YOU feel when wearing it.  The way it makes YOU feel when wearing it.  it is all about YOU.

If you are a busy, tired, lost Mum.  You are not alone.  Allow yourself for someone else to take over.  (Even if they won't do it like you would!) You can always rearrange it tomorrow.  You can take off the weird outfit combination Daddy put baby in, Hang the washing out your way, (yes, speaking from experience) 

But please don't forget YOU. Put that mascara on to go nowhere, rock that lipstick for your lounge, or wear the sparkly dress just because you love it!


*Picture of my family in 2012.  I was battling a mental disorder and had some major struggles.  From the outside I looked like a happy mum/wife who was coping with life.  My husband was my rock.  I am so grateful to him for sticking by me and pulling me out of the darkness.  But look at how cute my lil fam is!

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