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Doll Face NZ

Ultimate Brow Bundle

Ultimate Brow Bundle

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This month is BROW MONTH and we have put together Brow Packs to get you started with your perfect looking brows.

Doll Face NZ "Brow Wax" colours, defines, and enhances brows. Brow Wax fills brows, set them in place and emphasizes the natural arch. Can be used alone or mixed with mineral powders to alter the shade.

In this Ultimate Brow bundle you will receive 
1x Brow Wax (Pomade) in your choice of shade
1x Brow Brush for perfectly lined brows
1x Clear Brow Fix Gel

Brow Wax Shades:
EVA - Super dark brown.  If you have very dark brown or black brows, this is your shade.
JULIA - Medium to dark brown.  This shade suits most people with medium to dark brown brows.
CINDY - Light to mid brown.  Works well for blondes and fair brows
PAMELA - Light brown to grey.  Pamela works well if your brows are fair and slightly grey.

BROW FIX - A clear mascara for your brows!  Once you have defined the shape with your Doll Face NZ Brow Wax, brush your brows with the wand to set in place.


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Features of Doll Face NZ Products


90% of Doll Face NZ products are made here in New Zealand. All products and raw ingredients are cruelty free.
As we are a NZ company, we are always here to help you from colour selection, to what products would work best.

Our Mission

Doll Face NZ ensures all of our customers are happy with their purchase. If you are unhappy for any reason, please get in touch and we can rectify the problem for you.


All of Doll Face NZ ingredients come from trusted suppliers from around the world. We do not use Parabens, Carmine or Bismuth Oxychloride (this is a natural mineral which can cause severe skin reactions). So you can trust Doll Face with your makeup products!

New Zealand made Makeup

Doll Face NZ is proud to be a NZ company. We manufacture 90% of the range in Lower Hutt. That means we know our products! If you are uncertain about any ingredients or products, please feel free to get in touch. We can also custom create shades to match deleted products or from other brands who still animal test. Get in touch now to find out how!

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