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Snowberry Rejuvenating Night Cream

Snowberry Rejuvenating Night Cream

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Refresh your skin every night! Specially formulated hydrating night cream with superfruit Wolfberry, New Zealand Kanuka honey and Harakeke seed extracts. This night cream is designed to condition, replenish and rejuvenate skin.

Key Benefits:

Night-time is skin's ‘recovery period,’ it is important to replenish and repair the accumulated effects of day-time surface free radical damage. This formula contains a higher concentration of moisturizers to replenish, rejuvenate and repair dryness overnight - so it feels luxuriously rich on the skin.

Botanical oils including the unique Harakeke Seed Oil grown at Snowberry Gardens deeply moisturizes the skin and helps act as a barrier for water loss or evaporation through the skin. The formula also contains several antioxidants in the form of Snowberry’s native New Zealand Kanuka Honey & Totarol Extracts that help skin defend against surface free radical damage linked to early signs of aging.

This botanical goodness is boosted with Hyaluronic acid a tried and true hydrator that is naturally found in the body and can decrease with age. It’s like a “super moisture sponge”, that when applied to skin, water attaches to the molecule and helps plumps it up.

Ingredient Highlights:

New Zealand Harakeke Seed Oil – This liquid gold oil hand harvested at Snowberry Gardens is rich in Omega Acids that boosts the skin's barrier layer helping to seal in natural moisture and is packed with anti-oxidants to help fight surface free radicals.

Totarol™– Extract from the age defying New Zealand Totara Tree, packed with antioxidants that helps skin defend against surface free radical damage linked to early signs of aging.

Wolfberry – Also known as goji berry the extract from this vibrant fruit is bursting with antioxidant and works as a skin-softening ingredient.

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