The Multi Palette

Are you tired of wasting money on buying full palettes only to ever use 2-3 shades from the entire collection?

Then, it is impossible to find your favourite shades to replace the used ones.  Then, what do you do with the rest of the palette?  What a waste!

The Multi Palette is here to take all of your palette pains away!  This non-plastic palette has a magnetic bottom so you can pop in and out your favourite shades as and when needed.  Here's how it works:

STEP 1: 
Add to cart 1 Multi Palette

STEP 2:  Choose your Layout.
2x Medium Rectangle Pans
1x Medium Rectangle Pan & 2x Small Square Pans
4x Small Square Pans

Choose your favourite shades in the chosen sizes, add to cart.

EASY!  When you have used a certain shade, simply repurchase the shade in the size you need to refill your palette.

The perfect size of the Multi Palette means you can fit more than one combo in your makeup bag.  

Start creating your perfect palettes now!