Tanning at Home

Sometimes it's just not practical to pop in to get a Spray tan.  Doll face also offers at home tanning products.  These are especially good if you prefer to tan in the comfort of your own home.  Or if you need to top up your tan.  
For a tan that develops in 2-6 hours (leave on for up to 6 hours for a deeper tan) Doll Face offers the Violet based Tanning Foam.   This amazing foam is in a Violet based solution.  Violet will keep ALL of the orange tones away!  Goes on smooth and not too sticky.  Apply with the tanning mit.  
Upsides of tanning at home:  You can double or triple coat the areas you wish.  Apply whenever you like,  easy to do top ups.
Downside of tanning at home:  It's hard to reach your back,  can sometimes go streaky if your new to it,  can over tan your hands, can be messy.
Either way, it is always a good idea to have a bottle of Doll Face Tanning Foam handy in case you do need to do a quick tan on those legs!
​Our other holy grail tanning product is the Doll face Gradual Tan Lotion.  This body moisturizer contains a tiny amount of DHA.   So every time you apply, you are slowly building a natural tan.  You can choose to build slow, or apply twice a day to build faster.  The Gradual tanning Lotion is also a great way to keep your natural or spray tan topped up while moisturising at the same time!
Be sure to wash your hands after each application!

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